• AAW Convention to be Held in Springfield, IL November 14-18, 2018

    There are some big and exciting plans in progress for the 2018 AAW Convention in Springfield, Illinois! The committees and their very talented members are busy working together to make it a success. We are going to have some wonderful tours and interesting speakers.

    The Convention Planning Committee has a goal of providing everyone with an enjoyable and educational convention where each member can acquire some kind of new knowledge that will enrich their lives, farms and jobs. We are open to any great ideas of interest that we can work into our plans. Please feel free to email me or call 217-272-4485.

    In November, we attended the AAW convention in Minnesota to present our invitation to the 2018 convention.  It was really great and everyone involved did a wonderful job.  Since our convention is Abe Lincoln theme, we had to have Abe and Mary Todd in our skit (Pat Yeagle and Lorrie Stahl).  The invitation also included a great video about Illinois and there were several IAW members featured in it. You can view the invitation on the Illinois Agri-Women Facebook page. We all had a ball doing it and it was well received by the convention members in attendance.

    Thanks to everyone for their devoted time and efforts in putting on this convention. It will be great!

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