About Us

Illinois Agri-Women an affiliate of American Agri-Women since 1974

IAW is an organization of farm and agri-businesswomen promoting a better understanding of agriculture and the family farm system.



  •     To speak out in support of the American farmer and the farm industry.
  •     To work for legislation to preserve the family farm enterprise.
  •     To communicate with other organizations to achieve common goals.
  •     To educate the consumer of the economic importance of agriculture to the nation.
  •     To promote greater public awareness that farming is a business and must make a profit to survive.


We, as a women’s agricultural organization and individuals, unite together to communicate with one another and with other consumers to promote agriculture for the benefit of the American people and the world.



The family farm is a form of business enterprise in which the entrepreneurial decisions are made by a family engaged in the production of food, feed, fiber, forest products and/or flora, for profit, which provides a major source of income, and capital for reinvestment


Illinois Agri-Women is an affiliate of American Agri-Women (AAW), organized in 1974


AAW Vision Statement

“We are a force for truth, a reasoned, non-partisan voice for the agriculture community to the public.”

AAW Motto

“We can do it together.”

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